Pre- Departure Orientation Training (PDOT)


Highlights of PDOT

Pre-departure orientation and training has been envisaged to spread awareness and help trainees understand about opportunities and challenges involved in migrating overseas for work. At the same time, PDOT sensitize trainees on culture and language of the destination country thereby enabling better adjustment in a new environment.

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India introduced the Scheme for Pre Departure Orientation to Emigrant Workers with an objective to equip the potential emigrants with required skills and pre-departure country specific orientation training to upgrade their skill level at par with the requirement of the overseas employment market and empower them with requisite knowledge & information, so that they are not exploited in the host country.


The complete PDOT module consists of ……

  • Country specific Orientation skill (40 hours)
  • Digital Literacy (40 Hours)
  • Language Skill – Arabic (80 Hours)

Total = 160 Hours (03 modules should be taught in 20 days)

*** A typical learning day should include 2 hours of country specific orientation skill + 2 hours of digital literacy skill + 4 hours of Language skill = 8 Hours / day (8hrs x 20 days = 160 Hours)

Download PDOT Handbook English

Download PDOT Handbook Bengali


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