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Entrepreneurship and Employability Skills Training

Specific Objectives of the training:

  • Identify personal strengths and value systems: safe work habits, achievement motivation, time management, anger management, stress management.
  • Recall important tenets of digital literacy: fundamentals of computer terminology, parts of a computer and a keyboard, main applications of MS Office.
  • Discuss the essentials of matters pertaining to money: saving money, bank accounts, types of costs, investment options, insurance products, taxes.
  • Prepare for employment and self-employment: preparing for an interview, effective resume writing, basic workplace terminology.
  • Illustrate the basics of entrepreneurship and identify new business opportunities: effective leadership, effective speaking, effective listening, problem solving, business opportunities, types of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial process and ecosystem, resilient entrepreneurs .

For more details: Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills SYLLABUS / CURRICULUM


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